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Download Solitaire Setty Solitaire Setty is a powerful cardset design tool for Solitaire City. It is completely FREE and you need to download it in order to convert the project files on this page into cardsets that can be used in Solitaire City.

New Features in Solitaire Setty v2.00

Complete overhaul with new look and user interface.
Create new Jumbo and King Size cardsets for Windows.
Create Pocket PC cardsets and upload them directly to your handheld.
Change the colour and brightness of numbers and suit symbols.
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The following project files that were available for Solitaire Setty v1.03 have been modified to a higher definition so they look fully detailed in the new Jumbo and King Sizes. All project files on this page are incompatible with v1.03 and require Solitaire Setty v2.00.
Solitaire Setty v2.00 Project Files Solitaire Setty
Solitaire City Cards (Used)
"Solitaire City Used.ssp" : 469 KB
Solitaire City Used.ssp
Solitaire City Cards (Clean)
"Solitaire City Clean.ssp" : 650 KB
Solitaire City Clean.ssp
Russian Jubilee Deck
"Palekh.ssp" : 951 KB
American Indian Tribes
"Indians.ssp" : 457 KB
Flag Girls of All Nations
"Flap Girls.ssp" : 469 KB
Flag Girls.ssp
Egyptian Theme
"Egyptian.ssp" : 793 KB
Traditional Cards
"Traditional.ssp" : 627 KB
Myopia (Large Numbers)
"Myopia.ssp" : 543 KB
Four Continents
"Four Continents.ssp" : 1.02 MB
Four Continents.ssp
Red Noses
"Red Noses.ssp" : 1.01 MB
Red Noses.ssp
Swiss Costumes
"Swiss Costumes.ssp" : 1.33 MB
Swiss Costumes.ssp
Medical Cards
"Medicine.ssp" : 1.01 MB
Four Corners
"Four Corners.ssp" : 1.18 MB
Four Corners.ssp
Whist-Karten 150
"Whist-Karten 150.ssp" : 1.03 MB
Whist-Karten 150.ssp
"Baronesse.ssp" : 816 KB
Luxus Club-Karte 184
"Luxus Club-Karte 184.ssp" : 812 KB
Luxus Club-Karte 184.ssp
Club-Karte 294
"Club-Karte 294.ssp" : 1.08 MB
Club-Karte 294.ssp
"Shakespeare.ssp" : 848 KB
New (9th March 2008) Patience 235
"Patience 235.ssp" : 821 KB
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Buffy Buffy Buffy
Vegard Krog Petersen appears to have a little crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar (AKA Buffer the Vampire Slayer) 'cos he's created all sorts of Buffy cardsets, including a couple for Solitaire City ..... and why not ? She's hot !
Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon
Scarlett has gone all out and created decks for each of the four Star Wars movies. Just ignore her references to a certain wooden solitaire game. You'll find other decks here too.
British Stamps
Roy Archer has turned his favourite British postage stamps into cardsets.
Click Here if you need help converting these project files into Solitaire City cardsets.
If you'd like your website featured here then make sure you create a nice web page where people can download either Solitaire City cardsets or Solitaire Setty project files and then send me the link. Please don't e-mail me cardsets hoping I'll feature them on my website. I only link to other people's pages here.
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