New Huge Cardsets
Why do so many Windows solitaire games feature tiny, lifeless card graphics with square corners ? We don't know either, but the good news is that Solitaire City has always boasted large, luscious card graphics in a variety of sizes that look large and detailed in any screen resolution. Technology is always advancing and as more people use higher and higher resolution displays, Solitaire City has also advanced. With the introduction of Solitaire City version 3.10, Digital Smoke is proud to announce two new HUGE card set sizes to suit 1280 x 960 and 1600 x 1200 resolution displays. Please meet the new Jumbo and King Size cardsets !

Small (640 x 480)
(640 x 480)
Medium (800 x 600)
(800 x 600)
Large (1024 x 768)
(1024 x 768)
Jumbo (1280 x 960)
(1280 x 960)
King Size
King Size (1600 x 1200)
(1600 x 1200)

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Download Solitaire Setty v the FREE Cardset Designer

Download Solitaire Setty Solitaire Setty is a powerful cardset design tool for Solitaire City. It is completely FREE and can create cardsets in all sizes including Jumbo and King Size.

New Features in Solitaire Setty v2.00

Complete overhaul with new look and user interface.
Create new Jumbo and King Size cardsets for Windows.
Create Pocket PC cardsets and upload them directly to your handheld.
Change the colour and brightness of numbers and suit symbols.
Free Download !
Solitaire Setty v
Windows Executable File.exe ()
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