Solitaire City for Macintosh

Unfortunately, Solitaire City for Macintosh computers has been discontinued!

With the release of their Mojave operating system, Apple has decided to prevent older 32-bit Apps, such as Solitaire City from being installed anymore. If you already had the game installed and then upgraded to macOS Mojave then it doesn't appear to run very smoothly anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is deliberately crippling 32-bit Apps on Mojave in an attempt to encourage developers to upgrade them to 64-bit but I have no proof. Apple wants all developers to update their software to 64-bit but in many cases this isn't as simple as it sounds. Solitaire City was written using Apple's older Carbon frameworks to deliver pretty much everything you see and interact with when you use the App, such as menus, dialog boxes, file requesters .... the entire user interface really. The Carbon code is also 32-bit and has been discontinued by Apple for a while, although that didn't stop it working on all operating systems before Mojave. In order to convert Solitaire City to 64-bit would mean me re-writing about 80% of the code to work with Apple's newer Cocoa libraries. Unfortunately, the desktop versions of Solitaire City have never really generated much income compared to the mobile versions. This is mainly due to the lack of advertising opportunities on desktop along with mobile's glut of 99c and free Apps destroying any chance of independent developers from selling a full priced game on desktop anymore. Therefore, considering the amount of work it would take to re-write the entire user interface along with the monetization difficulties on desktop, I've decided to completely discontinue all sales and support of the Macintosh version of Solitaire City. If you've bought the game in the past and need to re-install it then you can still download the trial version below. If you need your registration key download link re-activating then please e-mail me. Solitaire City will continue to be updated and supported on iPhone and iPads, and as long as Google doesn't mess me about on Android devices too. So please search the App Store for "Solitaire City" if you're missing the game on your Mac and have an mobile device.

If you have a Macintosh computer that's running an operating system earlier tha Mojave then you can download the Solitaire City installer below.

Macintosh Disk Image File (.dmg)
Click here to download the disk image file (.dmg) that will install Solitaire City to your Macintosh.

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