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Yukon Solitaire is a very similar game to Klondike except you can move entire columns even if they're not in sequence. If you like Klondike then you'll probably like Yukon.
Solitaire City is a collection of Windows solitaire games of the highest quality, including several variations of Yukon.
Play Yukon solitaire games in vibrant colour, with large, luxurious card graphics that swing and sway as you drag them around the screen. Impressive Graphics
Play Yukon Solitaire against the clock for points. The faster you complete a game of Yukon, the higher your score. Numerous Hi-Score tables flaunt the names of the very best Yukon Solitaire players. Compete privately or against players worldwide via the internet.
Solitaire City card graphics come in five different sizes to suit any size display. The new Jumbo and King Size card sizes are HUGE and fill the largest displays available. Download new cardsets from the internet or create your own using Solitaire Setty, the free card set design tool. Automatic Card Sizing

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Solitaire City is also available for Palm OS® Palm OS Solitaire
Windows Mobile / Pocket PC Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Solitaire
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Yukon Solitaire Rules
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Yukon Solitaire
A Game of Yukon Solitaire in Action.

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