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Ordering Questions .....
What can I expect when I order ?
I've ordered on-line but my download link hasn't arrived yet.
The link in my order confirmation e-mail isn't working.
Installation Questions .....
Does Solitaire City work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 ?
I've just bought the game on-line. What now ? How do I install it ?
My game says it's the Trial Version but I paid for the Registered Version.
I've installed the latest version of Solitaire City but I can't delete the old program icon from my desktop.
Upgrading .....
I've already paid for the game and a new version has been released. How do I upgrade ?
Technical Problems .....
The game doesn't remember my hi-scores, number of games I've played or any other settings.
When I try to install Solitaire City, Windows XP displays an error message about "16 BIT WINDOWS SUBSYSTEM" and "AUTOEXEC.NT"
I've found a bug in the game. How do I report it ?
I have a suggestion that might improve the game.
Game Problems .....
The game no longer displays the score or time while I'm playing.
 What Can I Expect When I Order ?
When your free trial period has ended, you must purchase a Registration Key in order to continue playing indefinitely. You can use your credit card to purchase through the Solitaire City web-site using a secure connection that will encrypt the information sent between your computer and the on-line store keeping your credit card details completely secret and safe. You may charge your card in US Dollars, UK Pounds Sterling or Euros and we now accept PayPal as well as any major credit cards. On purchasing, you will be e-mailed a link within minutes that allows you to download a small (64 KB) Registration Key file that has been personalized with your name, company name and a unique serial number. Installation of your Registration Key is just a couple of clicks away to download and launch the setup program which will guide you through the installation process. Just download the key installer file, open it, and your Trial Version will automatically unlock. Your information is displayed on your PC's screen when you launch Solitaire City to show who owns the registered copy. The Registration Key isn't locked to your computer so you may install Solitaire City on as many computers as you personally own without having to buy additional Keys. You should keep a backup of your Registration Key on your computer and preferably on some form of removable media such as a floppy disk or CDR in case you have to re-install Windows in the future. The Registration Key setup program can help you make a backup. When upgrades are released, you simply download a new Trial Version and your Registration Key will unlock it automatically.
When you purchase your Registration Key, you will be taken to an order page on BMT Micro's secure server Secure Connection. This secure connection will encrypt all information sent between your computer and BMT Micro's server, ensuring that your credit card and personal details are kept secret and perfectly safe.
You will then be asked to fill in your credit card's billing address and your e-mail address where your Registration Key's download link will be sent. You'll also need to enter two pieces of information that will personalize your Registration Key to show who the registered copy belongs to:
 I've Ordered On-line But My Download Link Hasn't Arrived Yet.
Usually, on-line orders are processed within a few minutes and you should receive a confirmation e-mail containing a download link to the Registered Version within minutes of your credit card being approved. Please be aware that e-mail is not always as reliable as we'd like and sometimes don't reach the recipient, or can be mistakenly identified as Spam and either deleted without you knowing, or placed in a Spam folder. If you have a Spam filter installed on your computer and haven't received your confirmation e-mail then take a look in your Spam folder and see if it's accidentally ended up in there. The subject of the e-mail will be "Solitaire City for Windows Product Information".
If you still haven't received your download link within 48 hours of placing your order them please e-mail BMT Micro's customer support at
 The Link In My Order Confirmation E-Mail Isn't Working
Some e-mail programs may wrap a long web-link onto two lines and only make the first half of the link click-able. For example, your correct download link might be something like this:
but your e-mail program may wrap this link onto two lines like this:
In a situation like this, you need to copy and paste each piece of the link from your confirmation e-mail into your web browser's Address bar, joining the two back together by hand.
 Does Solitaire City Work With Windows Vista and Windows&bnsp;7 ?
Solitaire City v4.00 is a brand new version of Solitaire City that works perfectly on Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as XP. It makes full use of 3D graphics hardware to draw impressive visual effects such as shadows and card animations.
 I've Just Bought The Game On-Line. What Now ? How do I install it ?
The registration process through BMT Micro is conveniently automated. Once you have submitted your order through BMT Micro's secure servers, you should receive a confirmation e-mail with a Subject line of "BMT Micro Order Received" as your credit card information goes through an approval process before being billed.
Once your credit card has been approved, you will received another e-mail containing download instructions for your Registration Key. The Subject line will read "Solitaire City for Windows Product Information". If you don't receive this e-mail and you have a Spam filter installed on your e-mail reader then take a look in your Spam folder to see if it's accidentally ended up in there. If you still haven't received your Registration Key within 5 hours of placing your order them please e-mail BMT Micro's customer support at
Follow the Registration Key download instructions in your e-mail. Your download link should be of the form:
however, some e-mail programs may wrap a long web-link onto two lines and only make the first half of the link click-able, something like this:
In a situation like this, you need to copy and paste each piece of the link from your confirmation e-mail into your web browser's Address bar, joining the two back together by hand.
Once you have clicked on your download link, Open the "SolCity_RegKey.exe" file when prompted to do so by your web browser. This is your Registration Key that will unlock your Trial Versions of Solitaire City for Windows. You will later be asked to backup the file to a safe place on your hard drive. Please do so as your download will expire in 30 days, but for now, just click on the Open button to start the Registration Key installation program.
The Registration Key installer will start with the usual license agreement blurb. Please spend a couple of minutes reading it as it's a legally binding agreement. Use the scrollbar on the right of the license window to move up and down the agreement. There's nothing dodgy in it; just information about who is allowed to use your Registration Key and the standard disclaimers that protect me in court from the greedy people in this world. You must click on the I Agree radio button before you can click on the Next > button to proceed.
Your Registration Key file will then be copied to your Solitaire City folder and next time you launch the game it should say that it's the Registered Version instead of the Trial.
It is VERY important that you save your Registration Key Installer to your desktop computers hard drive in case you need to install it again sometime in the future. It is also highly recommended that you make a backup of the installation file to a floppy disk or other removable media. Your download will expire in 30 days and if you need to re-install the key at a later date then you will need to launch the installer from your computer or floppy disk. Fortunately, the installer comes with a simple to use Backup Wizard that will let you save the installation file, called "SolCity_RegKey.exe" to your computer or floppy disk.
Before you exit the Registration Key installation program, a Backup Wizard, will appear. Choose a folder on your hard drive that won't be deleted by accident. The My Documents folder is a good place. Regardless of where you decide to save the SolCity_RegKey.exe file, it's a good idea to make a note of the folder location as it's easy to forget.
To make a second backup copy of the file, simply navigate to your backup folder from My Computer and double click on the SolCity_RegKey.exe icon to launch the installer again. Click on the Cancel button to skip the installation procedure. The Backup Wizard will then appear and let you save to a different location such as a floppy disk on Drive A:
 My Game Says It's The Trial Version But I Paid For The Registered Version.
If Solitaire City is still running as a Trial Version then your Registration Key probably didn't install to the correct folder on your computer. Please download and install the latest Trial Version from here. This store some information to your computer's registry that will enable the Registration Key installer to know where to copy your Key to. Then locate the Registration Key Installer file that you downloaded onto your computer. It will be called SolCity_RegKey.exe. Double click on its icon to start the setup program which will install your Registration Key onto your computer.
 I've Installed The Latest Version Of Solitaire City But I Can't Delete The Old Program Icon From My Desktop.
The icons have actually been deleted but the desktop hasn't refreshed. right click on an unused area of your desktop and then select Refresh from the popup menu. The old icon will then disappear.
 I've Already Paid For The Game And A New Version Has Been Released. How Do I Upgrade ?.

If you've bought v1.00r, v1.50r or v1.51r and wish to upgrade to the latest version (2.0) then please click here to explore your options.

If you wish to upgrade to v1.51r then there are some free upgrade patches available for Registered users from the Downloads Page. They can be used to convert Solitaire City v1.00r and v1.50r to the latest Version 1.51r.

 The Game Doesn't Remember My Hi-Scores, Number of Games I've Played or Any Other Settings.
Some versions of the Solitaire City Setup accidentally marked all the installed files as Read-Only which means that the program can't modify those files and save important information such as statistic and hi-scores. This can also happen if you backup your Solitaire City folder to a CD and simply copy the folder back to your hard drive. To fix this problem, open "My Computer", then browse to the "C:\Program Files\" folder. right click on the "Digital Smoke" folder then select "Properties" from the popup menu. Un-check the "Read-only" box and then click on the "Apply" button. Finally, select "Apply changes to this folder, sub-folders and files". This should remove the Read-Only attribute from all the files in the Digital Smoke folder and the game should then be able to save your information once again.
 When I Try to Install Solitaire City, Windows XP Displays An Error Message About "16 BIT WINDOWS SUBSYSTEM" and "AUTOEXEC.NT"
There was a problem with the old InstallShield setup program that caused this error message on some versions of Windows XP. Please download and install the latest version of Solitaire City from here.
 The Game No Longer Displays The Score or Time While I'm Playing.
Click on the Options menu and un-check the Granny Mode setting which is a version for old fogies who run the risk of having a coronary if they play a timed game for points. I'm all heart (no pun intended !)
 I Have A Suggestion That Might Improve The Game.
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