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22nd May 2009
Solitaire City Deluxe v1.40 has been approved and is now available as a free update from the App Store. The main reason for the update was to make it compatible with Apple's upcoming iPhone 3.0 release, but as usual, I couldn't resist throwing in a bunch of new features which are listed here.
8th November 2008
Solitaire City Deluxe v1.30 has been released which lets you select an image from your photo album to use as a background .... plus some other stuff..
24th September 2008
Solitaire City Deluxe v1.21 has been released which fixes the problem with the navigation bar that appeared when Apple released their 2.1 software update. The order of the New / End buttons in left handed mode has also been fixed.
6th September 2008
Solitaire City v1.20 has been released and is available as a free update from the App Store. Full details of all the new features and bug fixes in v1.20 can be found here.
13th August 2008
Solitaire City v1.10 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes App Store as a free update. The main change in this version is the addition of the much requested landscape mode. You can now switch from portrait to landscape by simply rotating your iPhone 90 degrees. Full details of all the new features and bug fixes in v1.10 can be found here.
3rd August 2008
I've added a Versions web page to let everyone know what changes and bug fixes have gone into each version of Solitaire City and what to expect in the next update.
18th July 2008
Solitaire City update v1.01 has been released in the iTunes App Store. It fixes all known crash bugs and I've also added a button on each Personal Best hi-score table that allows you to reset the scores to the original values or zeros. Click here for instructions on how to update for free.
16th July 2008
The hi-scores server is back up and running again and appears stable and is noticeably a lot quicker to update scores now. On Sunday, my web host suspended my account due to excessive connections and I had to move to a dedicated server and overhaul my code to make it more efficient. The downed server exposed a bug that had slipped through the net causing a lot of people's games to crash very often. Now the server is back up and running Solitaire City v1.00 should be fairly stable again but the v1.01 update will fix all the problems properly (see next post). I've also added a feature to let you reset your Personal Hi-Score tables back to the default names and scores or to zero.
14th July 2008
I have uploaded an updated version of Solitaire City v1.01 to Apple at 9am Monday but it has to go through their "review" process so I have no idea when it will appear as a free update on the App Store. Hopefully soon as it fixes all known crash bugs and appears rock solid now.
10th July 2008
The rumours were true and the much anticipated App Store went live this morning. Solitaire City v1.00 has been released for iPhone and iPod Touch and has appeared on iTunes and the App Store. However, Apple has had problems with their categories all day with Solitaire City appearing in the Entertainment catagory even though I specified Games, then it appeared in the Business catagory where it spent most of the day and now it's not in any catagory at all. If you do a keyword search for "Solitaire City" though, you'll find it. Hopefully it will be a bit more prominent when the new 3G iPhone is released tomorrow. Many thanks to anyone who's already bought my game. I hope you're having fun playing it ! The online hi-scores seem to be working so that's a relief.
9th July 2008
I received an e-mail from Apple today saying that my Solitaire City "application" has been cleared for sale, and with rumours that the App Store will go live tomorrow, this is great news.
30th June 2008
Four months of non-stop hard work and I managed to submit a final build of Solitaire City to Apple 10 minutes before their cut-off time for inclusion in the App Store's launch. For anyone who saw Apple tout the SDK in their presentations and show off various games claiming they were written in 2 weeks or other stuff that was written in 2 hours like the SDK develops code while you sleep .... c'mon, get real ! Maybe a game ported straight from the Mac requiring bare minimum changes might take 2 weeks, but game development just doesn't work that way. I wish it did ! Don't get me wrong; the SDK is very nice, but you just can't write a full blown game of any quality on an unfamiliar platform in 2 weeks. It annoyed me a bit that Apple made it seem that way.
19th March 2008
Bingo ! Looks like Apple's plans to expand have already kicked into gear because I received another e-mail from them today saying I'd been approved for the developer program. I've paid my $100 enrollment fee and it's game on ! It's rumoured that Apple will start selling apps in early June which doesn't leave much time so I anticipate blood, sweat and tears !
14th March 2008
I received a bad news e-mail from Apple today: Dear Registered iPhone Developer,

Thank you for expressing interest in the iPhone Developer Program. We have received your enrollment request. As this time, the iPhone Developer Program is available to a limited number of developers and we plan to expand during the beta period. We will contact you again regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time. Thank you for applying.

Best regards,

iPhone Developer Program
6th March 2008
Late last year, I heard that Apple were going to release an official iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) around February and that the iPhone's operating system was based around the Macintosh OS X, so I made the decision to port Solitaire City over to both Macintosh and iPhone and hopefully minimize the workload. I've been trying to get a head start by making my code more cross platform and getting basic stuff working on the Mac. Today Apple officially announced the release of the iPhone SDK and made it available for download for free, so it's bye bye Mac, hello iPhone for now. However, in order to become an official developer and be allowed to test on an actual iPhone or iPod Touch device and have Apple sell your apps, you have to apply to Apple's iPhone developer program and be approved. So ... I've applied and my fingers are crossed.
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