Solitaire City Versions (iPhone/iPod Touch)

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Solitaire City v1.42  (17th July 2009)
Bug Fixes
The game wouldn't start sometimes on the new iPhone 3GS. This happened most when Landscape Lock was turned on.
Solitaire City v1.41  (3rd July 2009)
New Features
The status bar showing the battery and time now appears when you pause the game.
Bug Fixes
Sometimes the game would crash when you pressed the new Rules button.
Improved the App's stability in low memory situations.
If you created a custom background, the thumbnail image would be wrong when you selected a different background.
Fixed some problems when taking a background photo in landscape mode.
Solitaire City v1.40  (22nd May 2009)
New Features
You can now select from one of three sound themes from the setup screen.
Modify the sound themes or create new ones (change individual sounds you find annoying).
Overhauled the game selection screen so it's easier to change games/rules and then view the hi-scores without starting a new game.
Added preview thumbnails to the background selection screen.
You can create backgrounds with the iPhone's camera as well as from your Photo Album and you can rotate the photos 90 degrees.
Added Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina country flags.
Number of cards remaining is now displayed on the "Jewels" stack in Casket.
Bug Fixes
Re-wrote the image placement screen that lets you place and size backgrounds from your photo album so it works properly in all screen orientations.
If you dealt a new row of cards in Spiderette and then Undo, the first card dealt wouldn't return to the deck.
Sometimes the sounds would go silent and the only way to fix it was to re-install, losing your hi-scores.
If you rotated the phone while dragging a card then it used to cause problems.
Solitaire City v1.30  (8th November 2008)
New Features
You can now select an image from your photo album to display in the background. You can re-size and position the image on your screen before selecting it. That single image will then be displayed in both portrait and landscape screen orientations. This will cause the image to be stretched in one of the two rotations. No worries though because you can select a separate image for both portrait and landscape. If you selected your image in portrait mode, then simply rotate your iPhone to landscape and touch the photo album image next to your newly created background and then select the same image (or a different one) and re-size and position it for the landscape screen. Then your custom background will switch between the two images when you rotate your device during game play. Please note, that Apple's standard image picker tool doesn't work well in landscape mode right now. The right hand edge is cropped. When positioning an image in landscape orientation you'll just have to do your best to place it correctly until Apple fixes the problem in a future firmware release.
Added many new country flags such as Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.
Displays a check mark next to the game, rule, cards and background selections instead of highlighting in blue, which used to disappear when you scrolled.
Added an optional confirmation when you press New or End buttons (turn on from Settings screen). Some people had complained that they accidentally ended a game when they didn't mean to.
Bug Fixes
If you hit the Show Move button, Undo or Pause while dragging a card, then the card would dangle in mid-air. Grabbing that dangling card would then crash the game.
Sound effects would disappear if you played the game long enough without exiting the App.
Sometimes the game would hang when you won, which was also related to the sound effects bug.
Solitaire City v1.21  (24th September 2008)
Bug Fixes
If you changed from portrait to landscape in the front end, the navigation bar would either disappear or end up in the wrong position on screen. This started occurring after Apple's 2.1 software update had been installed.
If you continued a save game in left handed mode then the New and End buttons would be on the left instead of the right.
Solitaire City v1.20  (6th September 2008)
New Features
Two new games added - Spiderette and Double Klondike.
Two more rules added to Pyramid allowing three re-deals which makes the game easier.
The card animations are smoother and the particle effects respond quicker when you place a card.
Details of the Scoring system for each game has been added to the Settings screen.
You can now use the Show Move button as often as you like in non-scored games. In scored games it remains disabled for 25 seconds.
Moved the New and End buttons to the right side of the screen when playing in left handed mode so they're not as close to the deck.
Added a setting to lock the orientation to landscape or portrait to prevent accidental rotation during over zealous play sessions.
Bug Fixes
If you paused the game then quit back to the iPhone's home page then re-started the App, the cards would be face down.
Fixed a very obscure crash bug in the firework endings that would only occur when the screech sound played multiple times.
If you won a game during training then you couldn't continue.
Solitaire City v1.10  (13th August 2008)
New Features
Landscape support. Play in either portrait or landscape mode simply by rotating your iPhone.
Landscape and portrait versions of each background image so they don't have to stretch.
A new card set, "Traditional", based on traditional playing card designs.
Longer card columns automatically adjust their vertical card spacing to prevent them going off the bottom of the screen.
Scores from restored games are now eligible for upload. No more annoying messages.
The hit zone on the face down deck has been reduced to help people with sausage fingers.
Darkened the "Snowy Night" background. It was washing out the cards.
An option on the "Settings" screen that allows you turn off the firework endings when you win a game.
Added a "Well Done, (touch the screen)" message at the top of the fireworks endings screen.
A test sound plays each time the volume slider is moved so you can hear the volume change.
Improved the shadow under cards that are dealt three at a time.
A one time warning about roaming data charges is displayed when the game is started.
Bug Fixes
The end of game fireworks would freeze or crash occasionally.
Eliminator and Pyramid firework endings didn't function properly.
The battery was draining when the game was in sleep mode (display turned off).
If the iPhone's alarm interrupted the game then the sound effects would stop playing and the game would freeze after the next deal.
There was a bug in the Pyramid scoring that caused the bonus to increase each time the waste pile was emptied instead of when the row
beneath the pyramid was cleared out. This resulted in scores being much higher than intended and making it possible to max out the score.
The only solution was to wipe the Pyramid hi-scores back to zero and start again with the correct scoring system.
You must upgrade to v1.10 in order to submit global hi-scores for Pyramid. Only Pyramid scores are affected.
The game times weren't being displayed on the Pyramid hi-score tables.
FreeCell Rule 3 still didn't work if you upgraded from v1.00 to v1.01. A fresh install of v1.01 worked but not an upgrade.
The sound effects volume returned to maximum volume when you quit out of the App and restarted it, even though the slider was set lower.
Last Score would occasionally display a large negative number at the bottom of the hi-score tables.
The Bonus text in the games was drawn too many times causing the shadow to display too dark.
While entering a name for the hi-score table, if you deselected the country by scrolling then it would give you a flag you didn't intend.
The help arrows in training mode were pointing the wrong way in left handed layouts.
The weekly hi-scores didn't roll over correctly at midnight on Sundays until you re-started the App.
Solitaire City v1.01  (18th July 2008)
New Features
Added a button to the Personal hi-scores screen that allows them to be reset to zeros or the default names and scores.
Bug Fixes
The game would crash at seemingly random points if the hi-scores server wasn't responding. The hi-scores server was being upgraded to
cope with traffic shortly after the first release of Solitaire City causing a lot of players to be dumped back to the iPhone's ome screen
with alarming regularity. Turning Global Hi-Scores to OFF was a temporary fix.
The last deal in the deck would crash sometimes.
FreeCell would crash quite often.
FreeCell Rule 3 didn't work.
FreeCell Rule 7 game numbers didn't deal the cards the same as Microsoft FreeCell.
Klondike Rule 2 didn't work.
The last deal in the deck would crash sometimes.
Tri-Peaks didn't play a sound when you cleared out a peak.
Personal Best hi-scores would often be lost.
The timer didn't update on Klondike Vegas Rules.
Solitaire City v1.00  (10th July 2008)

This was the first release of Solitaire City for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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