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The Award Winning Solitaire CityTM is now available for
iPhoneTM, iPod® touch and iPad on the iPhone App Store

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Card Effects 3D Cards
Particle Effects
Portrait and Landscape Support
Training Worldwide Hi-Score Tables
Solitaire CityTM features over 60 variations of your favourite solitaire card games ...
Spider (one suit, two suits and four suits rules)
FreeCell (7 variations including timed games and Microsoft game numbers)
Klondike (12 variations including deal 1 and deal 3 cards)
Golf (4 variations)
Yukon (3 variations)
Poker Squares (4 variations)
Pyramid (4 variations)
Tri-Peaks (face up and face down rules)
Casket (2 variations)
Alternations (4 variations)
Eliminator (3 variations)
Demon/Canfield (4 variations)
Cribbage Squares (3 variations)
Double Klondike (3 variations)
Spiderette (one suit, two suits and four suits rules)
Fan Games (6 game variations)
Play solitaire games against the clock for points. The faster you win, the higher your score ...
Game Center online leaderboards and achievements..
See your name and country's flag on iPhones all over the world if your scores are good enough.
Separate hi-score tables for each game/rule combination ...
Other Features ...
A unique hands-on training system can teach you the rules of unfamiliar games as you play. No more confusing rules to read.
Smooth, impressive graphical effects, 3D cards, shadows, particle effects and rewarding fireworks displays.
Landscape and Portrait support. Simply rotate the iPhone to switch.
Choice of background images.
Choice of card set designs.
Listen to your iTunes music library while playing solitaire.
Fun sound effects.
Card layouts for right and left handed players.
Unlimited Undo's let you reverse any mistakes.
Show Move button points out valid moves when you're stuck.
Free technical support.

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Solitaire CityTM is Available Now on the iPhone App Store
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